I coach differently...

In a world of business coaches who provide a few pieces of advice then let you wander off...I won't leave you hanging. Our sessions begin and end with us working together. Both laptops open, you sharing your screen and getting instructions on how to execute each step. You will have tasks but we get a lot of work done, in our sessions, to give you that confidence that you're not alone. Your business will be built effectively. If you’re a business owner looking to expand your reach, a non-techie person who just needs help setting up the automation processes, or a thought leader just getting off the ground, let me be the go-to-choice for over-your-virtual-shoulder coaching. Let's push your business forward.


Simple Funnel Creation

I believe everyone needs a funnel. However, I don't believe that it has to be complicated, at least not in the beginning.

I teach how to make a simple landing page, thank you page, email sequence and connected booking link for coaching.

This makes your call to action seamless for people interested in your content and want to learn more.

Thought Leader
Brand Building

Thought Leaders should be dependent on their brand. It's their message, what they stand for, their core belief.

We'll work on assuring your heart aligns with your message, we identify who you serve and we work through where to find your tribe.

Then we will distinctly work on messaging in your bios, brand colors & content strategy so you have the online presence that attracts your ideal client.

Fast Track
Product Creation

Every thought leader needs to have something they've created to boost their authority in their field.

So we work together at creating a digital book, course or presentation that will make you the go-to expert in your field.

We use the most effective and expedited means of creating these assets so they're ready to be shipped & received by your audience pronto.

What are you waiting for?